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See also Chapter 13: Protests and Objections, Chapter 16: Stewards

24.01  The Registrar may impose in his or her absolute discretion any or all the following penalties for conduct prejudicial to the best interests of racing, or for a violation of the Rules:

  1. Refuse the person admission to the grounds of an Association;
  2. Expel the person from the grounds of an Association;
  3. Suspend any Commission licensee for any length or time he or she may deem proper;
  4. Impose a penalty he or she deems proper;
  5. Deleted.

The Registrar’s imposed penalty is subject to appeal if the underlying rule that is alleged to have been violated is subject to appeal.

24.02 When there is no specified penalty for violations of the Rules or of the regulations of the Association, the Registrar has power to disqualify, assess a monetary penalty, suspend, expel from the course, rule off or otherwise sanction.  The Registrar’s imposed penalty is subject to appeal if the underlying rule that is alleged to have been violated is subject to appeal.

24.03  Deleted.

24.03.01 If any case occurs which is not or which is alleged not to be provided for by the Rules or if the imposition of the Rules would prove to be a hardship on any licensee, it shall be determined by the Registrar in such manner as he or she believes is in the best interest of racing.

24.03.02 The Registrar may, in his or her absolute discretion, at any time waive the breach of any of the Rules, which waiver or breach the Registrar does not consider prejudicial to the best interests of racing. The Registrar’s waiver of or refusal to waive a rule is not subject to appeal.

24.04  Monetary penalties imposed by the Registrar, the Stewards and the Starter are payable on the due date listed in the ruling. A licensee who fails to pay such a penalty may automatically become suspended on the second day following the due date on the ruling and they shall remain suspended until the penalty is paid.

24.04.01  Subject to Rule 9.14.01 penalties other than monetary penalties are effective forthwith or as of the date stated in the ruling except in the case of an appeal when they may be stayed by the HRAP.

24.05  When an owner is suspended, all their horses are likewise suspended from participation in racing and the suspension of such horses will be rescinded automatically upon the expiration of the owner’s suspension or by the Registrar if such horses are sold in good faith to a private purchaser or at public auction.

24.06  Any participant having been assessed a monetary penalty, suspended or expelled may be verbally advised by an official, which shall constitute proper notice. In any event, written notice or ruling shall be sent or delivered to the person penalized, and notice forwarded immediately to the Registrar.

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