7.1 The licensee is responsible for the design, placement and payment of any advertisements.


  1. Text advertisements must clearly state:
    1. the name of the licensee;
    2. the licence number(s) issued;
    3. the location, date and time at which the draw is to be held, including the location, date and time of each early bird draw and the cut-off time for each early bird draw;
    4. a description of the prizes to be awarded, including their value;
    5. the total number of tickets to be printed and the price of the ticket.
  2. Audiovisual advertisements must provide, at a minimum, the name of the licensee and the licence number(s) issued.

7.3 The licensee must supply samples of advertising and promotional materials to be used in connection with the raffle if requested to do so for approval by the licensing authority.

7.4 The licensee must not engage in any advertising that:

  1. implies that participating in a lot­tery event promotes or is necessary for social acceptance, personal success, financial success or the resolution of any economic, social or personal problem;
  2. contains endorsements by well-known personalities that may appeal to persons under the 18 years of age; or
  3. is specifically directed at encourag­ing individuals under the age of 18 to participate in a lottery event.

7.5 Any advertising or promotional activi­ties by celebrities must be provided at no cost to the licensee.

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