The following applies to all licences to conduct and manage a break open ticket lottery outside pooling bingo halls that are not subject to the Terms and Conditions for Charitable Gaming Events:

(2) Staffing

2.1 The licensee must designate at least one (1) bona fide, active member to be in charge of and responsible for the conduct and management of the break open ticket lottery, on behalf of the licensee. In the case of a Hall Charities Association, a minimum of two (2) bona fide members must be designated. The designated member(s) must not be related or associated with the registered Supplier(s), or an employee thereof.

2.2 Where the break open tickets are being sold in conjunction with bingo events at a bingo hall registered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992, the licensee has the option of:

  1. using bona fide members of the licensee to administer the entire event, including ordering and selling the break open tickets on behalf of the licensee, or;
  2. using the services and employees of the bingo hall Operator to assist in the conduct of the break open ticket lottery.

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