These terms (in addition to Sections 1- 4) are specific only to Break Open Ticket types under Section A of the Schedule of Approved Break Open Ticket Types and Associated Expense Maximums

(5) Conduct and management of the event

5.1 The licensee must only sell break open tickets that are approved by the Registrar.

5.2 The licensee must provide the registered Gaming-Related Supplier that supplies equipment or manufactures the break open tickets approved by the Registrar with a true copy of the licence issued when ordering or purchasing tickets.

5.3 The licensee is responsible for ensuring the payment of all prizes.

5.4 The licensee must ensure that break open tickets are kept secure.

5.5 Where the licensee sells break open tickets through a registered Seller:

  1. The licensee must enter into a written contract with the registered Seller of the break open tickets outlining the duration and terms under which the break open ticket Seller will sell break open tickets on behalf of the licensee from that location. This contract may be terminated by either party by written notice no later than 90 calendar days prior to the expiry date of the licence, to be effective upon the expiry of the licence, or forthwith if the licence or the break open ticket Seller’s registration is revoked or suspended.
  2. Upon termination of the contract, the licensee or the registered Gaming-Related Supplier as its agent must reconcile all unsold tickets and proceeds. The licensee must keep reconciled tickets for 90 calendar days after the report is filed with the licensing authority and then destroy them in accordance with the Registrar’s policies.

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