In addition to the general raffle licensing policies set out in Section 5.1.2, the following policies apply to licences issued by municipalities:

  1. If a licensee wishes to sell tickets from an established point of sale or door-to-door in more than one municipality, it must obtain permission from each municipality in which it proposes to sell tickets.
  2. A charitable organization applying to conduct and manage a raffle lottery event must submit its application to the municipality in which it wishes to conduct and manage the event. The application must include a letter of support from the home base municipality. The municipality may or may not issue the licence pursuant to Section 2.(a) of the Order-in-Council 208/2024.
  3. A municipality may issue a raffle licence permitting an eligible organization to use a special occasion gaming event (which must be licensed by the Registrar) as a venue for a raffle draw, if the raffle licence clearly states that ticket sales must end prior to the conduct and management of the social gaming event.

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