First-time applicants must enclose copies of:

  • Governing documents
    Letters Patent, by-laws, constitution, charter, trust deed, memorandum/articles of association, signed as required.
  • Revenue Canada Notification of Registration Letter
    If your organization is registered.
  • Detailed outline of programs/services
    What they are, how delivered to clients, spe- cific costs, supporting materials, etc.
  • Organization’s current operating budget
  • Organization’s verified financial statements for last fiscal year
  • Copy of Municipal notification, if applying to AGCO
  • Rules of Play for raffle
  • Ticket Sample
  • Copy of your safety and security plan
  • List of Board of Directors with contact information

If AGCO has already issued gaming event licences to your organization, you must provide:

  • Outstanding Raffle Licence Financial Reports
    See Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions Re- porting Requirements.
  • Outstanding Financial reports for other Charitable gaming events
  • Outstanding information requests from your licensing authority
  • Rules of Play for raffle
  • Ticket Sample
  • Copy of your safety and security plan
  • Annual updated List of Board of Directors
  • Changes to governing documents and Revenue Canada status
    Includes amendments, supplements, rein- statements, revocations, dissolutions, etc.
  • Annual verified financial statements
    See Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions, Reporting Requirements.

You may be asked to provide the licensing authority with additional information.

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