6.1 The licensee must ensure that no person directly involved in or responsible for the conduct of the bingo event or selling or involved in the sales of bingo paper purchases bingo paper or plays bingo during that event. The licensee must also ensure that none of these persons pays consideration for or plays a lottery scheme which is licensed within the bingo hall for which the licensee provides services and held in conjunction with the bingo event.
6.2 The licensee must not allow any person apparently under the age of 18 to participate as a player in any bingo game.
6.3 A fee must not be charged for admission into the bingo hall.
6.4 A licensee may require the purchase of a minimum amount of bingo paper as a condition of playing in the bingo hall.
6.5 Free bingo paper must not be given to any player. Any discounts must be approved by a licensing authority as part of the game schedule submitted with the licence application.
6.6 The licensee must sell bingo paper to a player by a cash transaction only.

  1. The licensee must sell bingo paper for any Regular Bingo event only on the day of the event.
  2. The licensee may, however, offer advance sales for special occasions provided it is approved by a licensing authority and the sales are managed and conducted by the licensee.

6.8 The licensee must ensure that bingo paper is used only for the event for which it is sold.

  1. Where the number of persons who may attend at the commencement of a bingo event is, or would be, insufficient to provide enough revenue to cover the cost of prizes and other expenses incurred in connection with the operation of the bingo game because of an Act of God situation or such other extreme condition which is beyond the control of the licensee, the licensee has the option of proceeding with the event or cancelling the event.
  2. Insufficient attendance of players alone does not constitute authority to cancel a bingo occasion. If the bingo event has commenced and is cancelled due to an Act of God situation, the licensee must issue refunds to all persons who have purchased bingo paper, prorated based on the number of games which have been played.


  1. Once the bingo event has commenced, the licensee must conduct the event in accordance with the licence and approved game schedule. All prizes must be awarded.
  2. The bingo event has commenced when the first game on the game schedule is announced and the number on the first ball is called. This includes any early bird or bonanza games.

6.11 Revoked

6.12 All bingo games must be operated on the basis of the Rules of Play outlined in Section 14 of these terms and conditions.

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