You must apply to renew your licence or authorization before the current term expires. 

As a courtesy, the AGCO will send a renewal reminder sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date of a licence and an additional reminder seven (7) days prior to expiration if the renewal application has not yet been submitted.

If your renewal application and applicable fee(s) are submitted on or before the expiry date, your licence and/or authorization will be deemed to continue until your licence and/or authorization is renewed.

If your renewal application and applicable fee(s) are not submitted before the expiry date on your licence and/or authorization, it will expire and cannot be renewed.

How to submit a renewal application:

To begin your renewal application, log into your iAGCO account and click the “Renew” button next to the applicable licence/authorization.

Please note: The “Renewal In Progress” status on your iAGCO account is not confirmation that the renewal application has been submitted; it could mean that someone started a draft renewal but has not paid the fees nor submitted the application. You are encouraged to use measures to confirm that renewal applications are submitted, such as keeping iAGCO Application Confirmation emails or Application Summaries. If you have shared your access code with others and/or have previously permitted others to submit applications on your behalf, notify the AGCO in writing when that permission is revoked.

Effect of non-renewal of Retail Manager Licences

If your Retail Manager Licence expires, you cannot perform any of the functions under subsection 5(1) of the Cannabis Licence Act.

Licensed Operators are responsible for ensuring that anyone performing the functions under subsection 5(1) of the Cannabis Licence Act hold an active Retail Manager Licence.

  • The status of AGCO-issued licences can be searched online via iAGCO

  • QR codes on the licence can be scanned to confirm authenticity and/or to confirm the licence status

Effect of non-renewal of Retail Operator Licences

Subsection 12(1) of the Cannabis Licence Act indicates that if a holder’s Retail Operator Licence is revoked or fails to be renewed, any Retail Store Authorizations held by the holder are revoked from the time of the Retail Operator Licence revocation or non-renewal.

Effect of non-renewal of Retail Store Authorizations

Subsection 12(3) of the Cannabis Licence Act indicates that if a Retail Store Authorization is revoked or fails to be renewed and the Registrar considers it appropriate in the circumstances to do so, the Registrar may, without issuing a proposal, revoke or suspend:

  • Any other Retail Store Authorization held by the same holder;

  • The holder’s Retail Operator Licence; or

  • Both.

You must cease operation of any retail stores where a Retail Store Authorization has expired or has been suspended or revoked. You are prohibited under the Cannabis Control Act, 2017 from selling or distributing cannabis.

There are penalties for offences related to unauthorized sale or distribution, false representation as an authorized cannabis retailer, etc. under the Cannabis Act, Cannabis Control Act, 2017, and/or the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018. You are reminded of your obligations to comply with all laws and regulations and of your responsibility to renew on time.

If you no longer require your Cannabis Licence(s) and/or Authorization(s), more information on requests to cancel can be found at: Cannabis Retail Regulation Guide: Modifications to Existing Licences / Authorizations

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